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I can resolve your debt collection problems.  I stop or minimize the prospect of garnishment of your wages and assets.  I aggressively defend clients from creditor collection demands and lawsuits.  If you want creditors to take you seriously and stop harassing you then let an experienced attorney with nearly two decades of combined creditor/debtor litigation and settlement experience be on your side and do the talking for you.   I will respond to the letters, answer the summons and complaint, represent you in court and ask the right questions and demand to see their documents and proofs.  Allow me the opportunity to get the collectors off your back and get you back on track with your life.  It just may be the best call you make today.

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PHILLIP A. GREENBLATT, PLLC, Phone: 248-227-7350, E-mail: phil@phillipagreenblattpllc.com.  I operate on a flat fee structure - no hourly rates - so that my clients enjoy the benefit of quality legal services at an affordable price and with the peace of mind that their attorney is not simply another creditor asking for more money when money is already tight. You have the power to do something about your legal and financial situation. Call my number today.  The picture you see on this profile is the attorney you actually get along with all of my experience.

Don't delay.  Call now! 248-227-7350 - Phillip A. Greenblatt