Client Intake Overview

The process works in three simple steps.

Want to save hundreds on legal fees? I have the answer. Let me defend your legal matter.

step 1

You should expect that your creditor shall be represented by institutional legal counsel, well-seasoned in the practice of debt collection and all the nuances for achieving their client’s ends. Ask yourself, “Should I have an attorney too?”

Reach out and contact me today in confidence. No pressure. No bullying tactics. I am not a debt collector looking to shake you down. I am on the side of the little guy providing even-handed reasoning and a meaningful resolution for my clients that even the creditor’s attorney will likely ultimately find acceptable. I am easily assessable by phone at (248) 227-7350. In the event that I am assisting another client then I will in turn return your voice mail message in a timely fashion and provide the degree of undivided attention that your important matter deserves.

Further, I now offer exclusive appointment scheduling for client consultation via video conference on Just think, I can accommodate your hectic demanding schedule and offer the opportunity to meet for a face-to-face exchange from the comforts of your web camera enabled smart-device features without you having to skip-a-beat or miss equally important matters on your multi-tasking agenda.

My initial consultation is free! My compensation is a flat fee. My clients always enjoy the benefit of a mutual agreement on the topic of lawyer flat fee right out of the gate without the fear that their tab is running up seamlessly on an hourly billing basis every time I consider their case or perform an activity on their matter. I can also be reached via e-mail at I welcome you to include an attachment for a complete confidential assessment of your situation.

Further, I now offer exclusive appointment scheduling for client consultation.

step 2

I will craft all the necessary documents concerning your file and case including an individual retainer agreement and an affidavit that is tailored to your particular set of defenses and circumstances. If you are in agreement, then all you will have to do is sign and return the document through one of several options provided by my law firm for your convenience. My firm will set out to position your matter on the path for a meaningful resolution that allows you to have a voice and participate in the outcome in a fashion that is acceptable to you.

step 3

Once Steps One and Two are completed then congratulations will be in order as you will have made the important decision of having retained counsel and can enjoy a sigh of relief that you too have legal counsel. From this point, my firm becomes your voice and handles all strategic legal aspects of your case management including responding to legal documents, document preparation, discovery, motion practice, court appearances, rules of evidence, court procedure,  debt collection communications, and shaping an outcome that allows you to have input that is meaningful to you.

"Mr. Greenblatt gave me excellent service and great advice, helping me avoid a wage garnishment lawsuit from a collection agency. The debt was settled for half of the original amount and I was able to avoid a bankruptcy. I would highly recommend this attorney to handle your debt collection problem."

Debt Settlement client,Metro-Detroit, State of Michigan